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Infogrames North America, Inc. (formerly Accolade, Inc.) was an American video game developer and publisher based in San Jose, California. The company was founded as Accolade in November 1984 by Alan Miller and Bob Whitehead, who had previously co-founded Activision in October 1979.

A former employee of Accolade wrote this on indeed: I have never worked for a company like this!! Accolade praise you and even the Director praises your work and then they let you go while driving home! It was a temp position. I had 25 years experience as an insurance agent and employees that had no experience, college or couldn’t speak English were hired as full time. I was not sure what was happening in this company! Kinda cult like!! STAY AWAY!!


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of leadership on all levels with zero strategic vision. The president of the company is a bully who doesn't value employees unless they appeal to his very large ego (or are young blondes). They sell products that have not been created yet and deliver horrible service to members because they are constantly understaffed, do not ever fix bugs in their systems and have front line , mid level and senior leaders who have no education or experience outside of Accolade. Their business model is broken and clinically they are a complete nightmare and have nurses working in states they are not licensed in. They do not value input from people with industry experience and ignore important feedback. Company just went public and is still not profitable. Operations is a total mess and employees do not have the tools they need to do their job. They move problem employees around who are paid ridiculous salaries and do absolutely nothing to move the company forward. This company has traumatized more than a few people and continues to pretend it's a great place to work. Accolade is a house of cards run by people with egos that are out of control. If Raj knew how awful operations was actually performing and how bad morale was I would hope he would do something to fix it but all employees get is more of the same because senior leaders are more loyal to themselves than they are to making this company a profitable one. It's sad because Accolade could be such a powerful force in the healthcare space but they dont know how to work together. Too much fighting between departments and terrible communication. They would be better off if they replaced the entire executive team. They claim to love diversity but they don't hire, promote, listen to or value anyone who doesn't think, look or act like them. Women of color seem to be completely dismissed especially in operations. They hired a Black woman to run part of operations and made her fly back and forth across the country every other week (no one else had to do that). There are no Black men in any significant leadership roles and the other VERY few Black women in the company don't seem like they are treated very well or valued and a few of them are some of the smartest people here. I'm white and I can see it. Overall this company is just bad news."

Current Employee - Specialist says

"Working at Accolade is extremely stressful. They used COVID-19 as an excuse to STOP raises and promotions. Using a global pandemic as a means to exploit works out of receiving basic inflation is wrong. Yet Accolade includes inflation in their contracts. Also, at same time they posted new job openings from entry level - executive and bringing in NEW CONTRACTS!!!!!!!! Ever since they sent an email to employees acknowledging COVID-19 and the hold on raises and promotions. We still haven't seen any other emails regarding raises or promotions, but I'm in a town hall (company meeting) right now they keep recognizing the the firm's growth. These immoral practices are wrong and for that I will be leaving Accolade soon!"

Former Employee - Clinical says

"They pay you that salary so they can micro manage you like no other company I have ever worked for . Not nice authentic people . ( managers get big bonuses to keep you in line."

Former Employee - Health Assistant says

"I was sent a email 7 months after working there to return company property. There was a policy in place when I started that issued out property must never leave the building, and everyone in my class agreed to that policy. With HIPAA the information is to be secure and stored securely. On my last day I was escorted out but not allowed to go back to get my things at my desk. Another employee grabbed them. Interesting you would send a email like that when I had no way to turn in anything at my desk when I was not allowed to return back to my desk. You probably have had 5 classes for Health Assistants by now. Who knows what you did with it."

Current Employee - Health Assistant says

"Where to even begin? Broken promises, perks taken away, work-life balance vanishing. I could not tell you what our metrics are anymore, even though in theory we “aren’t being held to them” at the moment (but apparently will be soon?) New attendance policy recommends coaching for ONE unplanned call-out (sick day, basically). If you’re new and need to call out 5 times, you’ll be fired. Between the draconian new attendance policy and the already slim PTO you are given regardless of your tenure there, it sounds like their COVID response is pretty tight - other companies give you two weeks off that doesn’t touch your PTO, and Accolade.... sends you a hug and a good luck from afar. So, it’s a pretty tight “Oh, well!” Which has basically been the message from upper management since well before the crisis."


"Not trusted Everything is scheduled Nurses aren’t valued Unkept promises"

Former Employee - Health Assistant says

"Accepting this offer was the worst decision I ever made. This place has no compassion towards there employees and has very strict attendance policy. There training is 1 one month training which they failed to explain before you accept there offer. They will evaluate you and make the decision to keep you or not. This was a total shock and they will explain this to you in a group."

Former Employee - Health Assistant says

"Poor work/life balance, inexperienced managers"

Current Employee - Health Assistant says

"They allow customers dictate whether or not you keep your job based on false customer complaints. They dangle a bonus over your head. They also monitor your call volume, and limit bathroom time. They also LIED and said this wasn't a call center but it is."

Current Employee - Registered Nurse says

"In the interview, they fail to you that it’s basically a month long interview process and employment isn’t guaranteed. If you can, try not to quit your other job until you make it through training. Again, if hired, no guarantee of employment as they fire 50-75% of training groups. Also, because some states are “at will states” they can fire you for whatever reason they want. Not being able to work from home as much. Not enough employees to take on the several clients they keep signing on. Very poor retention. PTO at 19 days including sick time. Call center environment- being screamed at for bills and claims issues as a RN. Cold calling to sell your services Audits on calls- sometimes feedback given to fix isn’t current or accurate Technology platform- horrendous glitches Nursing platform- outdated and slow, supposed to be switching but timeline never given Change within company- excessive"

Health Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Went through the 6 week program just to be fired. Be careful of overpromises. I was supposed to go into their sales department and not be on phones. Was fired anyways.None6 weeks then fire"

Health Plan Health Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I have never worked for a company like this!! They praise you and even the Director praises your work and then they let you go while driving home! It was a temp position. I had 25 years experience as an insurance agent and employees that had no experience, college or couldn’t speak English were hired as full time. I was not sure what was happening in this company! Kinda cult like!! STAY AWAY!!"

Health Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This was a horrible experience! They start off in training with all lies to make you feel comfortable, then they treat you like you're part of the slave trade.noneverything"

Claims and Benefits Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company is still growing and still trying to find its way to profitability. Money driven and less context in the job and the company. Vision is not clear.Trying to growStill trying to go"

Make Ready Technician (Current Employee) says

"Always under staffed, I was hired as a make ready, didn’t want the maintenance position, but was thrown into it, and three person short in maintenance, I was written up because of the condition of the property because I was the only person there they could throw this on then was injured and they were going to write me up for that as well run from this place"

Clinical Health Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Accolade gives a lot of lip service to valuing their employees and inclusivity but 3 employees from my training class of a certain age were let go under dubious circumstances with their training documentation selectively slanted toward benefit the company getting rid of them. Successes were somehow not included in what was documented. People were let go without being given feedback as to why"

Health Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This company over hires, with the intention of firing within 45 days. It’s like survival of the fittest, because they went the best. After 2 weeks of classroom training with a facilitator. They send you to the floor with a regular associate to get “call ready”. This regular associates will evaluate you and rate you for 7 days. They start with web chats for 2 days. There is no scripts or templates, so they want you to freestyle notes, so you have no idea what they want. The regular associate that evaluates you has 8 people to rate. At day 3 of being on the floor, they move to do calls and tell you, if you are not call ready in 5days they will fire you. In order to be call ready they will make you take 2 customer calls day and you must have a perfect call score within 3 -4 consecutive calls. And if you haven't noticed there having current employees give feedback so they don't have a low score on indeed."

Health Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Accolade will give you 2 weeks of class room training, we’re you get no hands on experience. Then after give you 7 days on the floor taking 2 calls a day. They will then evaluate you and if you don’t meet there expectations they will terminate you. Don't leave your career for this. They have trainers that have been there for less than one year. Very high turnover so they make it a point to tell you they have been there for many years."

Health Assistant (Former Employee) says

"A company (with former good intentions as related to their clients-not employees) run into the ground with the takeover by a new CEO. Although previously not diverse and still not enough diversity at least you knew what the focus was. Now utter chaos, focus off the client and on the dollar. Moving towards a regular company that engages in the same business (healthcare) where the focus is on numbers and less on people.Benefits but still not the top of the line.Opinions fall on deaf ears as the focus of the company has been lost. They love Twitter!"

HEALTH ASSISTANT (Former Employee) says

"Call center all the way. Certainly not worth the hype. Definitely in saving money mode at any costs which become not moral or humane. Don't care about the client or the employees. All about money and looking the "silicon valley" way.Coffee that is free for now.Too many chiefs, Why they have to fire the underlings"

Health Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Diversity issues, micromanagement. Chaos. Not profitable. Too much rolling out at once. Do not perfect things before rolling out causing multiple redos and delays."

Health Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Accolade says all the right things with no follow through at the organizational level. They want "bold" ideas but reject anyone that does not think and act exactly like the operational trainers and managers. stay away if you want a career.May be a great company one daynot there yetThanks for taking the time to share your input regarding your experience at Accolade. It is disappointing to hear that your experience at Accolade wasn't more positive or that you didn't experience career growth, especially as we continually promote from within."

Health Assistant (Current Employee) says

"This company has a great mission and potential but unfortunately that is where the greatness ends... Over the years we have lost bonuses, lost raises, lost flexibility in our schedule. You will be switched and moved wherever they want "to support the customers" but with little care as to how that affects the employee and their own work/life balance. Working from home is great, but micromanagement down to the minute of when you go to the bathroom is not. Unprofessional business operations for a company that has been around long enough to figure things out. Being a "Start-up" company is no longer an excuse so do better. Focus on the internal processes and get them right. Support your employees and all front-line workers.Work from home capability.Micromanagement, Management Training, High turnover at all levels, not valued as an employee and a person but rather just slot to fill, lack of transparency."

Billing health assistant (Former Employee) says

"This is an horrible company to work for. They don’t care about their employees. Half of the management staff is prejudice. I’m order to get promoted you have to literally suck up to management. They sell you a dream once your hired, everything changes. So many horrible experiences. Apply at your own risk. Sincerely a former employee."

Claims and Benefits Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Company was decent when I first started, then became an unorganized organization. There was inadequate supervision, substandard technology, and no clear leadership direction. They changed their quality component for the position on a whim and never did use the same figures when calculating how an employees performance was graded. Changed the quality component and did not use the same standards that were to be using for people in the same position. Communications were never clear, changing weekly."

Clinical Health Assistant (Current Employee) says

"At first when working at Accolade it all seems like bells and whistles, after working there for sometime you realize the favoritism that is had with some employees. I believe in the mission of accolade and what it's meant to do. It saddens me to say that the only way you advanced in that company is if your blonde and blue-eyed. I wish there was more cultural diversity. This is not okay."

Health Assistant (Current Employee) says

"At Accolade you are just a number. They care more about their bottom line and customers than they do their employees. This job is stressful and no matter what they say it IS a call center. Management is a joke and doesn't really care to advance you unless you suck up to them. The culture is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Let's work together and take care of each other. That's not what they care to do. They are always changing the metrics and piling more and more on you. They want you to be quicker and take more calls no matter what the cost. If you value your mental health please don't apply. Oh also one more thing. They get rid of people who are actually doing their job and keeping the ones who are lazy. They put you on plans for silly things. Run. Just run!Nice office, free coffee, work from home opportunity.Stressful, no advancement unless you suck up to management, good pay, but not enough to put up with what you do here, Call center environment, Management has lack of empathy for their workers."

An on-demand healthcare concierge for employers (Former Employee) says

"Accolade only promoted & developed people of a certain race, under the age of 40, physically fit & attractive. If you looked the part you could go far.Flexible scehduling. Free coffee, tea and hot chocolate. You could wear jeans to work.No diversity in upper management, If you spoke up you were silenced, . Metrics changed often to prevent people from meeting them.Thank you for taking the time to share these thoughts with us. We value all feedback and are working hard to improve in all areas, including professional growth and development. In regards to your comments about employee growth and development, we understand your feelings and have a culture that not only supports any concerns an employee may have but is also something we take very seriously as the backbone of our organization. Our culture is built on understanding, appreciating and embracing the different experiences, skills and points of view our employees bring to the table and anything less is not tolerated. We offer a variety of internal channels for employees to utilize if they have any concerns, witness or experience behaviors that are not aligned with our cultural cornerstones. Each of these issues will be investigated and dealt with appropriately."

Clinical health assistant (RN) says

"Accolade will promise you that they will work with you. It’s a growth mind set and you aren’t failing you just are “not there yet” , but it’s all fake. So many people have been let go and they are just hiring more. Training is a joke. You get one week of actual nursing training and two practice calls before they throw you in. They make you take the 2k sign on bonus and it’s taxed so much you basically are paying back an extra 1k if you get terminated or want to quit. Several times the trainers shared their screens during the classroom and their messages about the employees showed up. Not professional at all. Plan on switching desks a million times, which apparently is more important than actually learning the job. Don’t expect opportunities to work from home either. People have been there for a year and only get to work at home on their late days. My advice, wait for something better. This company promises to work with you but really it’s a competition to see who will survive. You are disposable, which is true of most places but here they bother hiring tons of people and don’t care to work with you. Sad to see all the good people getting fired, but the stuck up full of themselves people make it."

Project Manager - Customer Implementations (Current Employee) says

"This company is flexible for work/life balance, but they don't even give you a second chance if there is a complaint against you. One minute you have a job, the next minute you dont"